the A-Z of me!

I saw this over on The Paper Mama, and thought it was a cute idea for you all to get to know me a little better (and since I couldnt think of anything to post about today).

A. Age: 25
B. Bed Size:   king
C. Chore you hate: putting away folded clothes
D.  Dogs: Belle - mini beagle  Ruger - Katahoula
E.  Essential start to your day:  red bull, i know bad, but i hate coffee, i know weird
F.  Favorite Color: blue & purple
G.  Gold or Silver: white gold
H.  Height: about 5'10"
I.  Instruments you play: i play a mean guitar on rock band, other than that, so not musically inclined
J.  Job Title: graphic designer & restaurant manager
K.  Kids: hopefully soon, were trying, i want a huuuugge family, but finances may get in the way of that
L.  Live:  Laugh. Love.
M.  Mother's Name: Donna
N.  Nicknames: Babe, nader (dont ask), Lees, Leah Bia (niece and nephew)
O.  Overnight hospital stays: never had to (knock on wood)
P.  Pet Peeves: my bed not being made
Q.  Quote from a Movie:  "Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now." - if you dont know where this is from, I dont think we can be friends anymore, sorry
R.  Right handed or Left handed:  right
S.  Siblings: one older sister, Denise
T.  Time to wake up: 9:15am. I work from home and dont have to be to work till 9:30am :)
U.  Underwear: thongs ( i figure Ill probably get a wedgie sometime during the day, i might as well not have all that extra cloth getting in the way, TMI? my bad)
V.  Vegetables you hate: Cabbage, i think while growing up the smell of cornbeef and cabbage has now ruined my liking for this vegetable forever
W.  What makes you run late: a good show on my tv in the morning that I get interested in.
X.  X-rays you have: teeth & stomach
Y.  Yummy food that you make: moms homemade mac & cheese and sweet potatoe casserole (maybe i should do a recipe post, hhmm)
Z.  Zoo animals: monkeys! if I ever have a little boy, his rooms is going to be themed monkeys!

If you want to join in and share a  little about yourself, the link up is over are at Danfredo Rivera.


more updates

I know I just posted about all of this, but wanted to share with you all that theres a new vlog and journal entry up on TLC today featuring us.

You can watch it here and go check out our journal entry here

Dont forget to check out the other ladies, Im sure everyone can relate to at least one of them!


TTC: update-month #3

So if you havent been following along with our story on TLC's: A Conception Story, we are now in our third month of trying for a baby. Complete honesty here? I thought Id be pregnant by now. :(

note: this may be a little TMI for some people

I know we havent been trying for nearly as long as alot of couples out there, but this is what I was afraid of all along. I hope this isnt the beginning to a very looooooooong journey. But I cant help but think in the back of my mind that this might be the case.

Since we are still working on the kitchen renovations--I know, what like 3 months now?--this may actually be a good thing that it didnt happen right away. First hubs has this crazy idea that women shouldnt get pregnant the first month coming off of birth control. His reasoning? "There's just too many chemicals to get out of your body." First of all, I very calmly explained to him that they weren't specifically "chemicals" but just different hormones. Then I proceeded to explain to him that many women (not all) get pregnant right off birth control and have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies. But my hubby is one very stubborn man sometimes, and still refuses to believe that its a good idea.

Anyways, were obviously past that stage now, since its Month #3. But something else thats kinda been on my mind is that we had decided since we were still doing renovations, that we wouldnt hassel with the whole charting/temping/plannedsexytime thing. But instead we would just see how it goes the first couple of months. Well? where has that gotten us? And please dont think Im being overly analytical about this, Im just ready for a baby!

So, ever since Ive gotten off birth control I've been just keeping track of when my periods are, just to have a clue if they are normal or not. (Which they) And Ive been using the PinkPad app on my Evo to do this. Conveniently, it also gives little blooming flower predictions when it thinks your about to ovulate. Now, up until this point I havent really bothered to plan sexy time around this because of our previously mentioned decision to just go with the flow. But now Im wondering if I should and Im just not sure how to bring it up to the hubs. I dont want sex to become planned or routine, so Im thinking maybe Ill just keep my knowledge of blooming flowers to myself. But at the same time, I want him to know that we need to have alot more action during that week if we want to get pregnant soon.

Any suggestions? What did you do while TTC?


Wordless{ish} Wednesday | Before and After

Let me just say, I want to thank those of you who helped me make a decision from this post. It was greatly appreciated as you all know Im very indecisive. Seems like you all agree with me keeping my hair somewhat on the longer side. And glad to know you also prefer my natural color too!


So I've decided to link up with sweet Katie and show you my before & after haircut pics. Please dont mind the background, as it was a car photoshoot taken by yours truly ;)

 What'd ya think?

Im totally lovin' it! Although I do feel lost without those 3 inches of hair. But I love that I can just go in and tell my stylist "Umm, Im thinking a shade darker, just to keep it vibrant, and maybe a few inches to keep it healthy" and this is what I get. I guess thats why I keep going back to her. I swear no matter what I tell her to do with my hair, I always love it. Although, I hate that it always looks so much better when she blowdries it! anyone else have this problem? I just cant seem to figure out how to make the flip with the ends?!?! Ive tried buying one of those really big round brushes but my arms just get in the way when blow drying and it never comes out right!

Oh yeah, and it looks like it might be a tad redder now. I think after a couple of washes the darkness has turned to red. I still love it though.

Also linking up with Wordless(ish) Wednesday with The Paper Mama and A Little King and I.


help!!!! hair dilemma!

I need some major help. Im am so indecisive when it comes to making decisions. Even just where to eat dinner tonight (any suggestions?). And tomorrow I finally made an appointment to get my hair cut. The last time I got my hair cut was before the wedding. That means November. That means a looooooong time. (yes Im not only indecisive, Im also a procrastinator).

And I absolutely love my hairstylist Jennifer. Ive been going to her since I was in highschool. But she also works full time as a medical assistant (i think, not exactly sure what kind, but I know she wears scrubs lol).  So basically she only works at the salon every other Saturday. Which is reason number one that I have waited so long. I know, not really an excuse, but still.

So again, now that its Friday evening I have to figure out how I want my hair done. Here are a couple of my arguing with myself points:
  • Descision #1: How much do I cut? I love my long hair. I always dream about getting a short little bob, but seriously? I look like a mushroom with short hair (maybe Ill show you one of my highschool pics and then you cant argue with me on this point)
  • Descision #2: What color? Now this is where it gets a little tricky. I love/hate my natural color. Its like a medium to dark brown. I also love highlights. However, with highlights it requires alot of maintenance (problem: refer to paragraph 1, procrastination, doesnt help maintenance) Plus, Im not sure on the whole color treatment issue while pregnant, and if I get pregnant soon (which were hoping for) then will it be an issue keeping up my highlights? So dark mysterious brown? Or Light brown with highlights? Or Dark with red highlights?
  • Descion #3: Bangs or No Bangs? I like the whole long side-sweeping bang thing, not really too into the whole blunt bang across the forehead though. However, my general manager at the restaurant hates long sweeping bangs because they are aways in the way and Im constantly messing with my hair during work. But I just think they take away from my huge forehead thing going on. lol
So, how do I make a decision you ask? Well I spend all day on the InStyle: Hollywood Makeover site and try on hairstyles. Which in the end makes it even more difficult. So please, Im asking, no BEGGING you to help me decide before tomorrow mornings hair appointment.


Thank you all in advance!!!!


the island city......my city

Ive only lived in 3 places my entire life. A month before I was born, my parents bought and moved into the house they still currently live in today. This is the house and neighborhood I would grow up in and make so many childhood memories. When it was time for me to decide what I was going to do for college 18 years later, I chose a close-by university. I couldnt imagine leaving my boyfriend family for 4 years. I convinced my parents to buy a duplex as an investment property only 10 minutes from their house so I didnt have to live at home. I lived there for 6 years, all through college until I got married. Then when it was time to buy a house before we officially tied the knot, of course I looked in the neighborhood I had called home for the first 18 years of my life. So what if the house we ended up buying was only 2 blocks away from my parents? I thought, wouldnt this be great, my kids are going to be able to grow up in the same neighborhood as I did as a child.
Technically, the city is completely surrounded by water, making it a small island city (only 2 square miles). We also just to happen to be ranked 3rd in the U.S. for its percentage of gay residents. It actually wasnt this high while I was a child, but all I can say is that the neighborhood may not have as many children now-a-days, but it has gotten alot cleaner and nicer to live in. Some people refuse to live in the neighborhood because of this, but our mentality was "What happens behind closed doors with your significant other, is none of our business." Plus, I feel extremely comfortable in this neighborhood.

All of my friends parents as well as my own, have always been very involved with the city council. And since my father is a cop, we are also close to alot of the local police officers. Needless to say, during my high school days, it was hard to skip school and not be caught by one of the thousands of eyes my parents had on me and my friends.

Now when we moved into the house we bought as a married couple, I figured although I didnt live on this exact street as a child, I did already know most of my neighbors. Heck, the guy who actually owned my house previously who was getting foreclosed on, just so happened to be my brother-in-laws ex-boss. They are still pretty close to this day. Oh yeah, and did I mentioned, they actually still live in the house right next to us. Turns out they owned our house as a rental property.

Now this is where the real story comes in. You would think that since they used to own the house, and since they still talk to my sister and brother-in-law, that they would come introduce themselves to us when we moved it. Yeah. Negative.On.That.One. Not even a hello, or a friendly wave. Wait, I forgot another detail. The couch in my living room also used to belong to them. It was in their office, but when they closed it down they asked my sister if she knew anyone who needed a couch. FREE. So I took them up on the offer. However, we never really met them, because my BIL took us to get the couch at the office while they werent there.

So, its now been about 9 months since we moved in. The only communication we have really had with them was when my BIL's ex-boss' significant other called the cops on my husband and father for cutting down their trees. Trees that just so happened to be hanging onto my property. And if youre wondering if we cut the entire tree down, the answer is no. We basically just trimmed everything that was hanging onto our property. But they decided to call the cops for some reason. The cop informed them that it was our legal right to cut anything on our property and if they didnt want us cutting it then they should keep their trees trimmed. (dam skippy!)

Anyways, since then, no communication. Now its not like were unfriendly. We talk to the neighbors on the other side of our house. And the guy that lives across the street who also manages the apartment complex, has come over multiple times and just talked with us on our back patio. And to make matters worse, when my sister has been over and we've been in the back with our dogs, ex-boss neighbor has even said "Is that Denise I hear?" My sister replies, "yes it is!" Neighbor "Hi sweetheart! How are you?" doesnt even acknowledge me.  Full on conversation between the two of them through a fence and a densely overgrown backyard.

Now, Im really not the rude type. But come on people? You hear two people talking. You recognize my sisters voice. And you still refuse to introduce yourself to me? And now Im kinda pissed. Technically, even though I lived here for 18 years, Im still the new kid on the block, and you used to own my house, and you know my family, dont you think it would be the polite thing to do to introduce yourself to me?

Flash forward to yesterday afternoon.


I answer the door. Man in button down shirt and slack greets me, "Hi, Im Jim next door." Me "Oh hi, how are you?" Jim "I was just wondering if you had seen or heard anything by my house today because I just got home and it seems like our house has been broken into?" me "Oh my god, Im so sorry. No, Ive been home all day and havent seen anything." By now I have stepped out of my house and we are walking toward his front yard. He shows me his front window that is smashed and tells me that there are footprints on his carpet. He proceeds to tell me that hes not sure if anything has been taken because he hasnt really searched the house yet. I start to think about today and if anything was unusual. If you dont know, I work from home, so there is usually some time during the day that I walk outside even if it is just to let the dogs out. I let him know that there was a point sometime during the day that Ruger (our bigger dog) was barking. I remember hearing a deep voice, almost sounding like someone was cussing. I thought I was our other neighbors because he has a pretty deep voice. I walked out front to check and saw nothing, so I walked out to the street and looked both ways. About a block and a half away I saw a black man walking toward to back part of our neighborhood with a backpack on. Now, Ill mention that this isnt really something out of the ordinary on our street. We happen to live right on a "cut-through" street to get to another neighborhood. So we get alot of people, of all diversities, walking through the neighborhood. So I just walked back into the house and went on with my work day.

Jim thanks me and I let him know if he needs anything to please not hesitate to knock on my door. About an hour later a cop knocks on my door and asked me to give a brief description and takes down my information in case they need to get a hold of me.

So now, not only am I freaked out that I was home all day and some stranger was breaking into my neighbors house and I didnt even notice. But Im again a little upset. This neighbor finally decides his house getting broken into is warrant enough to finally introduce himself to me? Only when he finally "needs something" from me does he say hello?

Im trying not to let that bother me. And my hubs and father keep reassuring me that its highly unlikely that someone is going to try to break into my house when there is a car in the driveway, they can hear and/or see our monster dog, and we do not have anywhere for said criminal to hide while breaking in (*ahem, aforementioned neighbor really has an issue with overgrown trees, including a 9ft bush that covers the entire length of their front yard).

So even though I have jumped at every tiny noise today to look out the window, and have made sure every window and door is locked, I have to remember that I have 2 Ruger's that protect my house. A gun. And a dog.

Hes my protector during the day, while hubby is at work. I wouldnt dare try to do step into my house uninvited while hes around. And thats a promise!

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