here comes peter cottontail

now if these pics dont make your day, i dont know what will.
HaPpY EaStEr!!!


what makes you feel luminous?

When it comes to beauty, do you prefer same 'ol same 'ol or spice it up with something NEW?
Im always skeptical about buying new beauty products. Im kinda that girl who found what worked for her in high school and hasnt changed my daily routine since then. I have my particular foaming face wash, which i can only get at Ulta now, my certain shampoo and conditioner, my one foundation.......i think you get the point. But I figured, its been a good 12 years, i might as well see if something else worked better or different for me.
I normally splurge on something like a spa day or manicure pedicure or a new outfit to make me feel rejuvenated and luminous. But since I cant exactly afford any of those oh-so-appealing ideas right now, I  was excited when I got the opportunity to try out the new PONDS Luminous line, i figured i might as well give it a shot. I wasnt expecting any miracles, but I was hoping for something new and improved. And let me tell you,  i wasnt disappointed.
I first started out with the POND'S Lumious Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes to see if it would take all my makeup off.  What drew me to this first is that its said to be hypoallergenic, dermatoligists tested, AND safe for contact lens wearers. All this that normally lead to me being skeptical. I tend to break out easily for new products and I wear contacts on a daily basis. So before I could even get it out of the packaging I noticed that it smelled really nice. I know that kinda sounds like me trying to sell it, but honestly it really does smell pretty. Unfortunately, I wasnt as impressed with how it took my makeup off. The towelette itself was really soft and was very moist, probably since its enriched with soft white Kaolin clay. Normally towelettes are too dry for my face, but this one wasnt. However, i didnt really feel like it got all of the makeup off. It claims that it draws out trapped makeup but i still felt like i was wearing mascara when i was done. I dont see myself buying these for $4.99 for a 30 pack, but i would probably recommend my mother, who uses cleansing towelettes, to try these out next time. So my disappointment lead me to immediately try the next product.
The POND'S Lumious Clean Cream Cleanser. Im used to using cream cleansers, as before i started using the foaming face wash i currently use, I had always used a cream cleanser. It claims to also draw out makeup and trapped impurities. Which it indeed did. And it left my face feeling soft. I always have a difficult time liking new cleansers since they normally leave my face feel pretty dry. The POND'S cleanser didnt though, and not only did it leave it soft but there was no residue feeling after either. It went on nice and creamy and you only needed a little bit of it to cover your entire face. This time it did take off all my mascara so I was very happy.  And at only $5.79 for a 6oz bottle, i can definitely see myself buying more of this in the future.

The POND'S luminous line also includes a Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. It contains mircrobeads and helps to remove dull, lifeless skin. Normally I try to stay clear or any products that say "exfoliating" because they usually contain some kind of bead in them. And the beads normaly irritate my face. Not this one. The beads are just what they claim, micro. So small that I hardly even noticed there were beads in them at all. Just like the other products in the line, its also enriched with soft white  Kaolin clay, so Im assuming thats a good factor on why it too left my face feeling soft. Its also only $5.79 but it is only 5oz making it 1 oz smaller than the cream cleanser.

I decided to wait to try the last product, the latest addition to the POND’S® Luminous Line, POND’S® Luminous Moisture™ Day Lotion with SPF 15, until a day I knew i would be out in the sun for a long time. The weightless SPF 15 formula contains UVA and UVB sun protection against skin-damaging rays and since i knew we were going to a friends sons first birthday at a park  i figured it would be a great time to give it a shot. I dont normally put moisturizer on when Im going outside for a long period of time because it normally makes my face end up oily. I put it on right before I put my makeup on for the party. Let me tell you, it didnt make my face oily one litlle bit. I loved it. And I knwo it protected my skin from the sun, because my hubby cant a little noticeable color from the sun, and a friend looked at me and said, without knowing I was wearing sunscreen, "you dont look like you got sun." I will definitely buying more of this. Especially since the hotter months are just right around the corner here in south florida.

Also, just something else to note, this month, Molly Sims joins POND’S® to help women experience the “luminous effect” that comes with having great skin. Together, they are launching the “POND’S® 30-Day Luminous Photo Challenge,” a 30-day photo sweepstakes featuring daily challenges to inspire women to share photos of their happiest, most radiant moments. Thirty prizes will be awarded so women can live life more luminously. From March 4 through April 2, women can upload pictures to the POND’S® Facebook page or share via Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #LuminousEffect. Below are some of Molly Sims' Tops for looking Lumious!

  1. Picture Perfect:  My secret to feeling and looking camera ready starts with radiant skin. I rely on POND’S® Luminous Moisture™ Day Lotion with SPF 15 to brighten dull skin. The new moisturizer is enriched with illuminating minerals and contains SPF 15 that protects against skin-damaging rays.
  2. Nighttime Ritual:  I never go to bed without washing my face.  As a busy mom, I go for time savers wherever possible.  I like a cleanser that both cleanses and removes makeup in one step. POND’S® Luminous Clean™ Wet Cleansing Towelettes gently draws out trapped impurities and makeup to brighten dull skin.
  3. Feed the Glow: I start the day off with a green juice to kick start my morning.  It keeps me energized and does wonders for my complexion.
  4. Feel the Burn: Early morning exercise puts color on my cheeks and improves my whole body circulation.  A great workout also helps to enhance my skin color and complexion.
  5. Buff Your Way to Beautiful:  For great circulation and even tone skin, I recommend exfoliating your face, body and even your lips.  It can leave you looking good and feeling radiant in no time.
  6. Find Your Center: Taming stress is important to help you look your luminous best.  I use regular breathing exercises to help keep me calm and centered.
  7. Lights, Camera:  Every woman can look luminous from within – but great lighting can help, too.  One trick I’ve learned before snapping a photo is to step away from overhead lights to avoid shadows on the face.
  8. Glowing Touch:  A highlighter is one of my favorite beauty tricks to instantly look healthier and younger. I apply it anywhere that needs a little radiance:  under my eyes to minimize dark circles and on the brow bone to draw attention to my eyes.
  9. Lighten Up:  When posing for pictures, I make a point to smile big.  Your face will light up and you will instantly look and feel luminous.
The complete Luminous Line is available at mass retailers, select drugstores and supermarkets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99 - $5.79.

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my lil bunny's easter basket

A tisket, a tasket, ideas for your little bunny's Easter basket!
Matthew is still to young to really understand or enjoy Easter this year, and probably next year too, but I just couldnt resist putting together an awesome 1st Easter basket for him. I figured Id share with all of you whats going in it in case any of you are having trouble figure out what to get your baby younger than 1yr old.
Jellycat Bunny // Caterpillar teether // Bunny Bowl // Peach Puffs // Easter book
easter basket // basket liner // pacifiers // Sippy Cup (similar) // mickey easter book
runaway bunny // peter rabbit // what is easter book
Easter Basket itself. I knew I wanted it personalized and Ive always loved the classic Peter Rabbit opposed to the cartoonish bunnies. So I turned to Pottery Barn Kids. I know i show the white basket here, but I actually got the Chesnut version. And I just have to say, PBK has awesome customer service. I ordered both the basket and the liner, and then the following day I got an email saying all the easter stuff was on sale. So i quick called them and they gave me a refund for the difference. Score! Something you may notice, there isnt any candy or sweets. I decided I didnt want to include these for two reasons. One being hes too young to have candy, and two being I want to save his first time ever eating sweets to be his smash cake at his first birthday (t-minus 67days and counting). But i did want to put some kind of treat in there for him. So thats where the Puffs come in handy. Im actually going to use them to fill the easter eggs we will be hiding around the living room too.
You also may notice, i went a little crazy on the books. I just cant help it. I love books and I hope to pass that love on to all my children. I got a couple classics like Peter Rabbit and the Runaway Bunny, but also included a book about what easter really is, as well as his favorite Mickey Mouse themed Easter book. And the little green easter book is really small and plastic. Great for him to hold and chew on in church service on Sunday morning.

I also included an easter bowl and a new sippy cup. The sippy cup is not only easter but also Mickey Mouse so it was a win win in my eyes. The pacifiers arent easter but they are spring colors ;)

And last but not least i had to include a stuffed bunny. I was going to just get one from CVS but then i saw this craze all over Facebook about a Jellycat. So i looked it up on amazon and i found a tannish colored one i thought was cute. They come in a bunch of colors and 3 sizes and i got the large one. Im so happy i did, it could definitely in my eyes become a stuffed animal that matthew will carry around as he grows up.


fridays letters

dear hubby, good luck today in the Peep Eating Contest you entered yourself into at work. I hope the impromptu shirt I made for you last night gets some laughs from your coworkers. I know it sure made for a bunch of laughs last night.

dear matthew, please know that the minute i saw that huge spider in your bedroom, i just about flipped my sh*t, but i made sure to get it all taken care of, even if I was freaking out as i put you to sleep that night, worried there might be more. but dont you worry, daddy made sure to kill it, uncle billy made sure to reassure mommy that it wasnt poisonous, and your poppy came over the next day and closed up what we think was the entry point for the critter.

dear city of imperial point, thank you so much for putting on the Easter Extravaganza last sunday. I was so looking forward to gathering some easter eggs for matthews first time, but seriously? you werent kidding when you said 10:00. I showed up at 10:00 and wasnt able to make it to the playground till 10:03 and you were already done! you honestly couldnt have waited 5 minutes just in case parents were running late? i guess i cant be too mad since Matthew wont remember this easter, but i guess i know better for next year

dear infantino, you are a great company, i already knew this, but to top things off I received a huge box from you today for winning the Easter Pinterest contest (you can check out my winning board here). Matthew is going to love all the new Go Ga Ga line toys that it is filled with. thanks again for being such a great company

dear weather, ive enjoyed you greatly over the past couple of days, cool with a slight breeze, please stay this way for tomorrow when we have to go to a Eastons 1st birthday party that is being held outside at a park. thank you.

dear iphone5, i love you. i am so happy i finally bought you back in september, but im really kicking my self in the arse for not buying one of the larger memory options, i swear I feel like I get that darn "not enough storage" message every time i try taking a picture. i guess it would help if i didnt take so many pics, oops, but thats not gonna change anytime soon. lol

dear preggo & new mommy friends, please stop posting all these cute pics of teeny babies, you are making me have some crazy baby fever over here! i know were not ready for another one yet, but those pics sure do make me miss my somewhat small baby who is now an average size 18month old (yes, i know hes only 9 months, but hes my chunky monkey)

dear hubby, i really do appreciate all the effort youve been putting in to helping me around the house, after last weeks situation im glad we were able to agree on responsibilities around the house. i hope you know I do see how much youre trying to and do realize i need to put in just as much effort as you have.

dear self, did you read that last letter? you need to start making your own effort to change/improve the things that your husband would like to see change. marriage isnt just about living together, its more than that, and it takes two to make it a long loving lasting relationship.

dear matthew, im thinking i can maybe squeeze in a mini easter photoshoot of you tomorrow morning before we head out, do you think you can corporate for mommy please? ill make sure to tell the easter bunny to stuff extra puffs in your eggs! (yes i did just bribe my son with puffs, dont act like youve never done it)

And because Ill never leave you without a pic, this is from the Easter Extravaganza (note: we arent leaving with any eggs lol)
bil, niece, me, matthew, sis
Dont forget to link up your Fridays Letters with Ashley.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!


wednesday weigh-in: week 11

Late as usual, but did you really expect anything else? :/

This one will be a quick one though. No change this week. Guess i cant be upset. I didnt gain, so therefore Im still on the right track. Technically no relapses. But I still feel like I could have done so much better. And the truth is I could have.

When I stepped onto the scale last night, it actually did go under my previous weeks' weigh-in for a second, but it didnt hold long enough to be counted as that. The lady who weighs me in asked me very nicely, "Did you track this week?" "Track? whats that?" lol. I sound like a broken record, but that is what is going to make or break this lifestyle change.

Im already doing better today. Ive made a challenge to myself to track every single thing. Even if I go over my points values on any of the days, I am going to track it. It will definitely be hard this week with Easter on sunday. There is going to be lots of chocolate bunnys and a magnificently smelling ham at my moms house for Easter dinner.

Oh yeah, and I should probably do some kind of exercise.......

lbs shed this week:   0

lbs shed in total: -15.6

lbs still need to shed: 34.4

first goal: 10lbs - reached on 2/13/13
  •     reward:  mani/pedi and possibly massage (still havent done this yet)
second goal: 25lbs (little less than 10lbs to go! really looking forward to this one!)
  •     reward: new rollerblades
final goal:  50lbs
success: i guess not gaining could be considered a success

set-backs: same as last week, Not tracking, no exercise, easter candy

exercise: none


so what wednesday

i normally save wednesdays solely for Wednesday weigh-in, but since I usually dont get around to posting it till Thursday late, i figured Id join in on Shannon's So What! Wednesday link up.

This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
  • the laundry in the dryer has been sitting in there fore 2 days
  • ive yelled at hubs for spending money on things we dont need, and yet Ive placed two orders over $75 at oldnavy.com within the past week an a half
  • im waaaaaaaaaaaay over due on matthews monthly updates, i think the last one i did was 3 months, yeah hes going to me 10 months in a few days
  • i complain about not having time to relax on the weekends, yet i continuously overschedule things to do on sat & sun, like this week we have a lil boys 1st birthday party to go to on sat, i still need to buy the present, were going to easter sunday service, doing an easter egg hunt & dinner at my parents, oh and somewhere in there i need to clean the house and i want to take matthew to see the easter bunny
  • the thing im looking forward to most about the tortuga fest in a couple of weeks, is that i get to sleep in on both sat & sun since matthew will be with my sis and we got a hotel on the beach
  • im late to work everyday by approx 15mins. i work from home, and technically im supposed to be to work by 9am, but after i drop off matthew at my sisters i usually drop off my nephew at school too. does it help if I norm dont take a lunch break?
what are you saying So What! to this week?


spring is here! what were lovin, lil man style

So, Ill be honest here for a sec, I always get a wee bit jealous when I see people posting about their cute outfits inspirations for their daughters. All the dresses, all the bows, the little shoes, pink, pink, purple, and some more pink. Im envious. So I decided to round up some of my own inspiration for my lil man.

Hubs constantly teases me on how I try to match everything for matthews outfits, but until I one day have my own little girl to play dress-up with, Im going to have to rock all the baby boy outfits. And with all the new spring colors and clothes, im totally gushing over this seasons picks. Here are some of my favs.

You might see a theme here....we tend to shop at old navy & target. ALOT. but at least they are both cute and inexpensive. win. win. ;)

As for Easter Sunday, I already have Matthews outfit all picked out. As well as his easter basket goodies, but Ill share that in another post. We're going for a very simple, bright, and cute outfit. (i know in the pic below it doesnt look like it, but the shoes do actually match very well)

And, just so you know, there are actually a few pieces I didnt include here, that I would have totally picked, however they are long sleeve, and that just doesnt cut it here in south florida. But if I was up north, where theyre all getting snow in march (crazy) i would have picked these two adorably cute outfits 1. Peter Rabbit and 2. sweater vest outfit

Well, thats it, short and sweet little post for ya today!


fridays letters (giveaway winner announced)

dear hubby, i know this week was a hard week for  us, but i think after sitting down and having a civilized conversation we made some real progress. there are things that still need to change, for both of us, but im just glad that we were able to see each others points. just know, I may not like you some days, but I always love you.

dear matthew, thank you so much for sleeping through the night last night! mommy needed some sleep, badly, and so did you. today you woke up in such a better mood. Smiling at me as I walked through your door, i knew today was going to be much better than this past week

dear hair, what is up with you lately? i just cant seem to figure you out. youre kinda too long, but i dont want to cut you. bangs overgrown, do i really want bangs? you've been incredibly greasy lately and I dont know why. so greasy that last night i didnt even put conditioner in (something Ive never done) and yet this morning you still feel yucky. what the h-e-doublehockeysticks is going on?!?!?! get it together. any suggestions on making my hair not so greasy, would be greatly appreciated.

dear reese's peanut butter eggs, you will be the death of my. ive already eaten 2 and its not even 2pm yet. i bought you to pt in hubs easter basket, but it doesnt look like youll be making it that long in our house.

dear pottery barn kids, thanks for making such cute easter baskets! i got matthew the peter rabbit one and it came this week. i die of the cuteness!

dear spring, im so glad youre finally here! its beautiful outside (although a lil overcast today) with the windows open and the wind airing out the house. if only someone else could do my sping cleanign for me ;)

dear previous employer, thank you so much for the surprise performance bonus check that came in the mail. i was not expecting you at all, but you came at just the right time, as i needed to order a new convertible carseat for matthew and was dreading the $250 price tag. This makes it so much easier.

dear old navy, why must you have so many cute dresses? i want all of them! i only bought 2, but i might go back for more colors. hehe

dear hubby, i didnt expect you to meet me at matthews pedetrcian appointment on wednesday, but Im actually kind of glad you did. it was great to have the doctor tell you that nothing is wrong with matthew and that hes just teething and acting like a normal baby. i already knew this, and have told you multiple times, but i guess it took a professional to tell you for you to actually believe it.

dear matthew, im so proud of how good youve become while eating at restaurants. wednesday night it was well past your bedtime by time we got to the restaurant and I was for sure that we would have to leave early due to you being up for so long with no nap. but you surprised all of us by being extremely well behaved, eating dinner, and just playing with your toy while the rest of us finished. you only started getting cranky when the bill came. thank you for being such a good boy!

And before I forget, the winner of the CROODS giveawy is:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats again Allison!
You must be one lucky lady, as you won my last giveaway too!!

And i know I usually leave you with a photo, but i thought this little video was better. We gave Matthew a lemon at dinner wednesday night and he loved it, although his face may tell you different ;)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! And dont forget to link up with Ashley for Fridays Letters!


wednesday weigh-in: week 10

This really should be called Thursday weigh-in, seeing as my meeting is technically wednesday night and I never really get the chance to post either on the correct day, or with all my updates. But Thursday weigh-in just doesnt have the same ring to it ;)

So this week, I was semi bad again. It didnt necessarily work against me, but I know I need to get back into the rhythm of things. You see, I didnt track, at all, again. However, I think since I didnt track, I was more conscious about what I actually put in my mouth. Does that make sense? lol. Kinda like I knew I was doing bad, so if I ate alot on one day, then I didnt eat as much the next day. Like I was balancing it out. I actually think this is the process of making it a habit. Being conscious of everything you put in your mouth and knowing when and when not to overindulge in something. Which in the end, it worked out in my favor, I shed another 2lbs this week! Yippie for me!!

I was really looking forward to staying for the meeting last night, but unfortunately I didnt get to due to hubby making dinner plans with his mom and sister. Some people can follow the plan by just doing everything online or via their cell, but to me, the program works so much better when you participate in the weekly meetings. That and I feel more accountable, specifically standing on that scale. Sad to say, but if I were to just weigh myself on my own scale (which ive come to the conclusion its literally 4.5lbs off) then if Ive gained its kinda like "Oh no big deal, its only a pound or two," but if I weigh in at the meeting, its someone else telling me, with a disappointed look on their face "well this week you gained, is there something you can contribute this gain too?" Umm yeah, the 3 Reeses peanut butter eggs I ate for breakfast?!?!? those things are addicting by the way.

But anywho, I did good this week, and I plan on getting on track, literally, by tracking everything I put in my mouth. Yes I know I said that last week, but im going to keep telling myself that and maybe it will eventually stick. That and exercise. I was able to get the Zumba Wii game when it was a groupon recently and I just got it in the mail the other day. Im kinda excited to try it out. And whats even better, weigh watchers just added it as an exercise in eTools so I dont have to guess my activity points values.

Also, I know 15.6lbs isnt alot when youre trying to loose a total 50lbs, but let me tell you, when i logged into track my weight and looked at my little progress chart, just to see the little line going down AND never going up, it just put me in a much better mood and gave me a great little confidence boost for the day!

lbs shed this week:   -2

lbs shed in total: -15.6

lbs still need to shed: 34.4

first goal: 10lbs - reached on 2/13/13
  •     reward:  mani/pedi and possibly massage (still havent done this yet)
second goal: 25lbs (little less than 10lbs to go! really looking forward to this one!)
  •     reward: new rollerblades
final goal:  50lbs
success: another 2lbs down!

set-backs: Not tracking, no exercise, easter candy

exercise: none :( but hoping to start the Zumba Wii

p.s. dont forget today is the last day to enter my giveaway! (not alot of entries so theres a good chance you could be the winner!!)


mommy meltdowns

                                                       Source: etsy.com via Lisa Bartek on Pinterest

as a mom, a wife, a woman....hell, as a person, we all experience an occasional meltdown. And today just happen to be that day for me.....

it all started off at 3am this morning. as Ive mentioned a couple times in my most recent posts, Matthews been sick. ALOT. Its hard as a mom to see you baby get sick. Especially how often as matthew has been getting sick. it puts that little question in the back of my mind, "Is it something Im doing? Something im exposing him too? Feeding him? Not feeding him?" The list goes on and on. I try to tell myself that all babies get sick. But its hard to convince myself thats truly the case. Especially when you have friends whos babies have never been sick, let alone this often, and are only a month or two younger than matthew.

I think ive been to the pediatricians office more in the past 3 weeks than Ive been to my own doctor in the past year. Partially due to an overprotective new father, who constantly thinks we should take the baby to the doctor. I think I bring him in more often just to ease hubs mind than to actually get answers. Sometimes its justifiable, like the recent virus/rash situation, but other times Ive been given the side-eye from the nurses too, "He's teething, hes a baby, hes ok, dont worry." All things I know. But, still, i manage to take the time off from work, spend the extra $30 copay to "see" the dr for 5 mins, and then go on our merry way with the advice to give him some motrin or tylenol if you see hes really uncomfortable.

Then i go back to the over-thinking side of me. I feel like were constantly giving him medicine. I dont like the idea of pumping medicine into his little body. We already give him zantac every morning and afternoon so he can keep his food down. But now, also the cold medicine (Azithromycin i think?), mortin/tylenol for teething, and breathing treatments when necessary. Again, this just sounds like a lot to me. Couldnt I be doing something better for him? Keeping him healthier so he doesnt get sick as often?

But back to my mommy meltdown. So this morning, 3am remember? Matthew wakes up. Basically right at the 7 hour mark of when I last gave him Motrin. I try to calm him down. Try to get him to go back to sleep. Change his diaper. Rock him. Basically anything to not give him more medicine. I even resort to bringing him back into our bed to fall asleep. Which I accomplish in a matter of 10mins, only for Matthew to be woken up by our barking dog.

Then theres more crying. And hubs is finally awake (yes, somehow hes been sleeping through this whole thing), and starts yelling. Im not quite sure if its at me or matthew. But somewhere in the mist of all the yelling i catch a "stop babying him!" EXCUSE.ME?!?!?!? Hes 9 months old. Ironic I know, but HE.IS.STILL.A.BABY!!! Now im mad, exhausted, irritated, and on the verge of tears (i seriously cry at everything these days) but if he thinks that Im babying him and that his solution will work better, Im all for trying it.

So I put Matthew back in his crib, give him his pacifier, blankie, and turn on the noise machine. I hop back in bed myself and feel absolutely terrible as all I can hear is his little cries over the monitor. (please know, I would never let me son cry more than absolutely necessary, and it took every ounce of willpower not to just go right in there and pick him up) But I wanted hubs to realize that his "not babying" solution, just wasnt going to cut it. Finally after about 7 mins (yes a whole 7 mins it took him) hubs got up himself and tried to calm him down. 

Now, a lil background on hubs, he gets frustrated really easily when he doesnt have a "quick solution" to something. So when Matthew starts crying he thinks we should be able to do something immediately to soothe him. Yes, in a perfect world this would be awesome, but guess what? HE'S.A.BABY! it doesnt really work like that. Needless to say hubs gets frustrated alot when it comes to matthew and not being able to calm him down. Especially when it interrupts his own sleep. (HA! welcome to a mothers world!)

Basically, the night morning ended with me back in the nursery, rocking matthew to sleep, waiting for the 2nd dose of motrin to kick in. Finally around 4:30am I was able to peacefully lay him back down and sneek back into our room. Hubs was now watching TV due to not being able to get back to bed. I knew immediately, that the rest of this day was just going to go down hill.

And sure enough, i was right. No need to go into detail, as I think you got enough of that above, but basically from the lack of sleep, exhaustion, frustration, and stress everything has gone into a butterfly effect. Its hard, especially for me--a person who likes to please everyone--to be able to control my emotions on a trying day like this. Things are said (by both parties) in the heat of the moment that arent necessarily truthful, but more to go for the juggler.  And its hard to forgive, even after apologies are said, because words still hurt.

After almost 12 years together, you would think we would know how to communicate with each other. Know how to hold back those hurtful words. Know how to calm each other down before either gets too heated. Instead, we go for the low blow? Instead, we spend another day angry? Instead, i feel absolutely helpless? To the point I suggested we see a counselor. Someone to help us communicate without ripping each other heads off, cuz at this point thats what Im ready to do. I may be balling my eyes out while I do it, but  it may just happen.

please tell me im not the only one with these mommy/wife meltdowns. please tell me, this too shall pass.......


fridays letters

dear hubby, thank you so much for insisting we go away for the weekend last weekend. We really did need it. Even if it was just to Okeechobee. It was nice not to have internet kinda, and it was nice to take matthew on his first ever airboat ride and  4wheeler. As well as just plain old relax with a few friends by the fire with a couple of beers. Lets do it again sometime :)

dear matthew, i feel so bad when your sick. Last week we took you to your 9 month checkup (i know i cant believe it either) and you got a vaccine shot. So when you started to run a fever before I left for NYC I just assumed it was from that. Apparently not, because you gave daddy one hell of a night. To the point I took you back to the dr on Friday when I was home. Turns out you caught some kind of virus, i think it was a mild case of Roseola, because over the weekend you had a rash. And now, your lil nose is all stuffed, and it makes my heart just ache hearing you breathe at night. I hope you get better soon. And I promise to give extra snuggles until you do.

dear pediatrician front desk ladies, why do you have to be so unpleasant, ALL.THE.TIME? I understand that you deal with sick kids, busy doctors, and some crazy parents, but this is your job. And as I stated before, you are unpleasant, ALL.THE.TIME, no matter if im calling for an appt, prescriptions, insurance, or just to let you know Im running late. Suck it up, buttercup, or get a new job. <end rant>

dear rob thomas, thank you for putting on such an awesome show wednesday night. Matchbox20 was my first concert ever back in middle school, and the show you put on brought me right back to that first concert experience. oh and ps, youve gotten even hotter with age!

dear google, now why did you have to go and decide to shut down google reader? this makes me very upset, because I dont want to loose any of the wonderful blogs I read, nor do I want to loose any of the wonderful followers that read mine. guess this just means Ill have to start using bloglovin more. If you havent done so yet, dont forget to follow me on bloglovin

dear weight watchers, thank you so much for teaching me that im not on a diet and that Im really just changing my lifestyle. I got rid of 1.2lbs over the past 2 weeks, and although thats not alot, it definitely wasnt the 3-5lb gain i was expecting when I stood on that scale last night.

dear etiquette angels, what exactly is the etiquette on engagement parties? do you bring a gift? Is it supposed to be something off a registry? Money? Or just our presence? Ive never actually been to an engagement party, but one of hubs childhood friends is having one tomorrow and I wasnt sure what the etiquette was. I was always under the assumption that engagement parties you dont bring a gift, bridal showers you get something off the registry, and wedding you give money. But hubs told me to go out and buy something for them. Whats the typical price range for a gift like this? I know if I had an engagement party (which I wouldnt but hypothetically speaking) I wouldnt expect anyone to bring us gifts. I thought the whole point was to come celebrate the engagement, have a few drinks, and party with the honorees. someone please help me?!?!?

dear hubby, because you and matthew always get two, i cant wait to see the video from your companys version of the harlem shake. I cant believe youre actually going to wear the pooh bear costume. (yes you heard me, full on round belly, Winnie the pooh costume). Your welcome for giving you the idea, after my company did it, well and everyone else on youtube ;)
(if you havent heard of this, just google it, I cant get over the miami heats version, absolutely hilarious!)

dear matthew, youre talking so much these days. i know they arent comprehendable words, but the noises you make crack daddy and I up. You babble any chance you get. I guess you get that from your mommy (that and your chunky thighs, sorry). But I cant wait until we can start understanding what your saying, I look forward to that and so many other milestones we should be coming up on in the next couple of months. man time is flying by. Your 9 months. That means only 3 more months till you turn ONE! I better start planning you party, now the question is Mickey? Lil Einsteins? Jake & the Neverland Pirates? so many themes to choose from.....

And because Ill never leave you without a pic, this was Matthews first time at our local park.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! 
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who are THE CROODS? {giveaway}

If you havent noticed, our family is filled with movie lovers. Like if we could literally just pay for the movie channels from DirecTV we would be absolutely set! (unfortunately there isnt a subscription like that, you have to buy all the other channels we dont even watch lol) Needless to say, we hope to be able to pass our love for movies onto our kid(s). You dont even understand how many times ive dreamed about taking Matthew to his first movie. The big screen. The oh-so-delicious buttery popcorn. The snow caps. The trailers. All things I remember from my childhood. Unfortunately, Matthew is just not old enough yet to enjoy the movies. But if he were, you better believe we would be going and see THE CROODS! Have you seen the preview yet?
Dont worry Ill wait.......

Its basically a 3D comedy adventure that follows the world's first modern family through the journey of a lifetime. When the cave that has always been their home is destroyed – with the rest of their world not far behind it – The Croods are forced to set off on the first family road (or path) trip. Rocked by generational clashes and seismic shifts, The Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures, and a future beyond any they imagined.

The funny part is with any journey comes discovery – and The Croods’s trek provides many “firsts,” including: a road trip, fire and shoes, as well as the first pet, the first cell phone (OK, it’s a shell, but still) ...plus: the first joke, the first pair of sunglasses, and even the first mid-life crisis.

Im actually thinking maybe I can convince my mom to watch Matthew and I can take my niece with me to go see it. She enjoys the popcorn just as much as I do! ;)

There is a great set of actors who do the voices for all the characters, including Emma Stone (Eep), Nicolas Cafe (Grug), and Ryan Reynolds (Guy) among the cast. It releases in theaters next Friday March 22, 2012.

And just because I thought it was so hilarious, I had to Crood-ify our family!

Oh and I forgot to mention one last thing. Because I love you all so much, one of you lucky followers will get to take home your very own official The Croods poster and Belt (the cute lil guy you see in hubs croodify picture) plush toy. Lots of quick & simple ways to enter. Sorry US residents only. Winner will be announced next Thursday, and you will need to give me your address by the Friday March 22.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
And if you want to learn some more about the movie (or croodify your family, which I highly encourage!) here are some links:

I received a poster & plush toy in compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


wednesday weigh-in: week 8/9

I know....Im a week behind. But in my defense last week was absolutely crazy. I didnt even blog once last week. I took the red eye out Wednesday morning to NYC for work, stayed the night, worked thursday, and then hopped on a plane back Thursday night. Which means I missed my regular Wednesday night meeting. I figured I would just go on Saturday morning and weigh-in, but then hubs and I decided it would be a nice weekend to get away for a little while. So Friday we packed up the car, baby, dog & all, and headed to a friends house up in Okeechobee. Ill post another time about how we enjoyed the weekend, but lets just say i took a lil mini "break" for this here diet lifestyle change.

Which as you can tell, probably doesnt mean I did to good, considering its basically like skipping 2 weeks worth of healthy living. And to top it all off, I cant even give you my stats for this week yet either. Again, Im going to be missing my WW meeting tonight. My sis just so happens to have tickets to a Matchbox20 concert tonight at HardRock and invite me to go with. So you wont get my stats until I go to the Thursday meeting tomorrow night, but I didnt want to miss checking in with you all for another week.

I hate to disappoint you myself, but the past week I havent tracked whatsoever, nor did I exercise at all. I know its boring to read "no progress" but I want to be held accountable. I dont want to slip right back into old habits, and if I dont start back new tomorrow morning, then I will feel like I have failed. And I havent.
                                                       Source: weightwatchers.com via Weight on Pinterest

When you are in the process of changing how you eat, there are most definitely going to be some setbacks, celebrations, and days where you just cant resist that ice cream! but thats ok. Dont let the one indulgence ruin the good you are becoming. Just know that you will have to work a little harder if you arent going to do the whole "absolutely no fat/carbs/sweets/junk/etc." Is that  reality anyways? When you deprive yourself of something, you actually end up craving it so bad that one day you overindulge waaaaaaaay to much. At least in my experience thats how it works.

So, im unfortunately expecting no weight loss this week. Im actually anticipating at least a 3-5lb gain. But we shall see. For those of you on a weight loss journey, what keeps you going when youve had a bad year month week day?

updated: I cant believe it! I actually shed 1.2lbs this week! I am absolutely ecstatic right now! I totally went into tonights (thursday) meeting expecting to have gained weight in the past 2 weeks. I guess because I was so aware of the things I was eating, that I didnt overindulge in those things. Just goes to show that once healthy eating & proportions becomes a daily thing, a habit if you will, then it just comes naturally

lbs shed this week:  (updated) -1.2

lbs shed in total: -13.6 (updated)

lbs still need to shed: 36.4 (updated)

first goal: 10lbs - reached on 2/13/13
  •     reward:  mani/pedi and possibly massage (still havent done this yet, but with the stats im anticipating, i just cant bring myself to be rewarded this week lol)
second goal: 25lbs
  •     reward: new rollerblades
final goal:  50lbs
success: none :(

set-backs: NYC, Okeechobee, not tracking, the list could go on for a while.....

exercise: none :(


things we love: shopping cart cover edition

As a new mother, I am always in search of great products that other mothers love. Its fun to share what works for you and possibly be able to recommend that product to another mother who could be struggling with the same issue. So I figured, every now and then I would write about a particular product that is or did help us.

A few months ago I got the opportunity to review the Infantino Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover. You see, it actually came at perfect timing. My little man was just starting to do the whole sitting up thing by himself. And if you havent noticed, hes not on the lighter side of the spectrum. So I noticed one day that during our weekly shopping trip to Target, that it was getting extremely difficult to either a) maneuver the shopping cart and a stroller at the same time, or b) wear my now 20lb baby all over the store. I figured it was about time to start putting him in the shopping cart.

Ironically, my sister did too, and actually got me the Infantino UpRight Supportive Shopping Cart Cover for me/Matthew for Christmas. Now, the two, although both made by Infantino, have different pros and cons. I figured since I have both, I might as well give you my opinions on both and not just the first. So here it goes.

From here on out, I will be refering to them as the Slim and the UpRight, just so youre not confused.

Lets start with what they both have in common:
  • Smart device pocket with play-through window for entertainment (LOVE this!!!)
  • Soft cloth hooks to attach small toys to
  • Can be used as both shopping Cart Cover and Restaurant Highchair Cover
  • Safety harness keeps baby secure

The Slim, as you could imagine, is just that, very slim, very portable. I absolutely love how it folds right up into itself. Ive read a few reviews about it, and some claim its difficult to fold up, but honestly, I do it after Ive put Matthew in his carseat, as Im sitting in the drivers seat. With little space. And its honestly no hassle what-so-ever. You first just turn the little pocket inside itself, fold it long ways (it kind of does it by itself, once youve flipped the pocket part) and then fold the remaining about twice right into the bag. That might sound difficult reading but honestly it isnt.

The UpRight however, is alot bulkier. To the point that I dont even fold it up because I have yet to figure out how it folds into itself. Instead, I leave a reusable bag in the back seat and just stuff it in there. The ending result, not so pretty.

So you might ask, why I use(d) both. You see, when Matthew was first starting to sit up, and the first couple times we put him in the shopping cart, he would basically tilt either to the left or right. I was always scared that he would end up hitting his head on the side of the carts. So I would put my diaper bag on one side of him and rolled up blankets and/or burp rags on the other side to keep him positioned in the center of the cart (note: this was before I got either of these covers, we were using my sisters at the time). So when I was researching covers, the one thing that really stuck out to me about the UpRight one was that it had adjustable side bumpers that provided comfort and extra stability for wee wobblers. I loved  how cushioned it was, and it helped alot if we were in for one our "longer" Target trips ;) in which Matthew would fall asleep. He would just lean on the cushioned part.

So they both also have cool patterns, but are made out of different material. The Slim version is made out of Temperature resistant neoprene material which protects your baby from hot, cold and wet carts. Great for those of us who live in the south where the shopping carts are left out in the sun all day long. However, since its slim, it doesnt have alot of cushion. I tend to use this one more now, since he can sit by himself completely. But because its slim, it doesnt cover the cart on the sides. Not necessarily a bad thing, just if you have a kid that likes to eat the shopping cart (ahem, Matthew) you might want to use disinfecting wipes on the parts that are not covered. And then maybe drape a blanket or burp cloth over the sides.

Also, something that I like alot about the Slim, is the fact that the front has snaps that actually clip it around the shopping cart handle. With most, and particularly the UpRight, shopping cart covers, they have an elastic band that goes around them completely. And thats whats supposed to keep it in place on the shopping cart. But if you have a little wiggle-worm for a baby (ahem, Matthew) then the elastic doesnt really keep and will drive you crazy as it continuously slips off.


Ive used both as highchair covers as well, and you wouldve thought that the UpRight one would have the same affect for babies that cant completely sit by themselves, but thats not really the case. You see, the back part isnt as cushioned as the side parts, so Matthew kept leaning back and sliding down. And when I put the side cushions inside, it just looked uncomfortable. With the Slim, it didnt have this problem, but again, I use this one more now, since he can sit by himself and thats not an issue.

The Slim has another use as well, making it a little bit more versatile than the UpRight. You can actually use it as a playmate on the floor. I personally havent seen a need for this, especially because its not extremely large (like the blankets I prefer to use) and honestly I usually forget to bring it in from the car.

I think this is a good time to mentioned again, one of the featured that I listed above. My absolute most favorite part of both covers is the Smart device pocket for in cart entertainment! I mean come on?!?!? brilliant. Normally about half way through our shopping trip, Matthew gets a little fussy from being in the cart so long. So I take my iPhone and open up my Disney Jr app and stream either a Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him to watch. It is seriously a life saver. Especially when youre at the checkout line and all he wants to do is hold on to me. I simply put the iPhone in the little pocket, where its safe from drool, sticky fingers, and chewing, and the minute he hears his shows I know Ive avoided the possibility of a meltdown.

So thats it for my lil review on our experience with shopping cart covers. I personally recommend the Slim  (as you can tell from the amount of pics of the slim above lol) but both the Slim and UpRight have some major advantages to keeping you kiddo safe, clean, and comfortable in your daily weekly Target shopping trips ;)

Thanks to Infantino's Test & Tell Program I have received the Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover from Infantino to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

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