secrets out

Remember I told you I had a secret?

(remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music player before you hit play. 
And no thats not us in the still of the video)

Im so nervous about having my TTC journey out there for all to see. But extremely excited to actually start this journey with the love of my life

You can follow along if you'd like (no pressure, promise) by going here: TLC: Conception Story

p.s. look out for another post either later today or tomorrow morning with an update on the roof


and so the roof begins

Im totally so excited to say, that tomorrow the work on our roof officially begins. YAY!!! We picked out our shingle color yesterday
And materials started arriving today. They loaded them on to the roof. I dont exactly understand why they put them up there instead of in the carport. Dont they have to rip off the old roofs (yes plural, we have 2 roofs on our house, it was legal back in the day to just put a new one on top of the old one when fixing it) first?

Supposedly, the inspector will be here Friday to make sure things are moving along. Our roofer claims he will be done on Mon or Tues, if there are no interruptions (inspections, rain, etc). Im also a little worried because seeing that I work from home, how loud do we think its going to be with them working on the roof all day? Either way, sooooo worth it. Starting and finishing the roof, means one more step closer to baby making! hehe, still gotta do the kitchen though :(

On a different note, just thought Id share, you may know how obsessed I am with TLC, so my new addiction is Extreme Couponing. Id have to say, my first shot at it was pretty dam good if i do say so my self.

May not be the 94% savings they show on TV, but I never leave Publix under $150, and this time I did it with $77.13 in discounts and coupons. GO ME!!!


2 day weekends

For those of you who dont know me personally, I currently have two jobs. I work full time Mon-Fri from my home, doing graphic design for a company out of state. Then on Sundays, I work as a restaurant manager where I've been working since I was 16yrs old.
Home Office


As long as I can remember, Ive always had 2 jobs. Ive always juggled a hectic lifestyle. From waitressing and hostessing. To Managing and my internship. To just managing and bartending, then to managing and doing my design career. Which brings me to my main point. Hardly ever do I get a real weekend. You know, the whole Sat AND Sun off.

I constantly have friends and family asking why I continue working both jobs. My originally theory behind this was, if I always keep the restaurant as a second job, I will always have something to fall back on god forbid I was to get laid off. Then it was, "well, if Im not working then Im probably spending money, and Id rather be making money than spending it!" The fall back on this is it sometimes sucks when I dont get to go with friends to the beach or concerts on the weekends. And seeing that the restaurant is only closed on Christmas Day, I dont always get holidays off with my family. And a day to myself to relax? Whats that? never had one before. My usual Saturdays off are spent working on our house, washing our cars, washing the dogs, doing laundry, etc.

So when one of our close couple friends told us they were pregnant, with TWINS! All I heard was weekend away in Orlando for a baby shower. (I know technically not a vacation, but Ill take what I can get!) So I put my request in to both jobs. Half day on Friday at the full time job, and weekend off at the restaurant. There were about 5 of us that were going to drive up to Orlando for the shower. So we were definitely making it a fun weekend. Unfortunately, we got notice about a week before the shower, that they were going to postpone the shower until after the boys were born. She had been on bed rest for about a month or two, but now she was really contracting and her doc wanted her to be put on hospital bedrest. So another one of her friends and I quick made a care package filled with magazines, candy, Belly Laughs, portable scrabble, UNO, etc, etc, and sent it to the hospital.

Although we were all really sad about the situation and not being able to visit them, I had already taken off. This meant what? A 2-day weekend for lil'ol'me? I started planning right away. Turns out Pompano Seafood Festival was happening that weekend, so Saturday? Check. And Sunday you ask? Well my sis and bro-in-law take my niece and nephew to the beach every Sun and I never get to go because of work. Not this time. So plans were made. And of course I had to take a few pictures to document my 2-day weekend. The sun was out, the sand was hot, and the water was gorgeous!


p.s. next time Ill remember to keep applying the sunscreen. I look like a lobster right now.


Genesis 43:23

I never know how to start of posts like this, nor do I know if its appropriate to share, but as I said when I started this blog, it is going to give me a place to share what is happening in my life, so Im just going to say it and not beat around the bush. My grandmother, my fathers mother, is not doing well. On Monday night we had to rush her from her assisted living home to the hospital. My family is all very tight, and you should have seen the ER with all of us standing in the hall way. After too much alot of poking and prodding, tests, and scans, they told us that she has pneumonia, an infection (mostly like caused by a UTI) that is spreading through her body, her kidneys are starting to fail, and it doesnt look very promising.

Now, let me give you a little background. My grandmother is a fighter. She has proven many of us wrong on many occasions. She has been living with Alzheimers for a few years now, and doctors have told us a number of times that she wont live past a few weeks. As I said, she proved them wrong. That was over 3 years ago.
But this time seems different. And Im not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. Ill have to say Im like my father when it comes to this type of thing. Im not really sure how to react. Yes, Im sad. No, I dont want to see her pass. Yes, I am going to miss her. But do I cry? Not normally. At least not until my father gets emotional. My sister and mother will be standing in a corner balling their eyes out. Me and my father? Cracking sarcastic jokes, about how "She'll prove them wrong, and live another 6 months!" I guess you can say the two of us dont know how to express our feelings, but we've learned to deal with these types of emotions in a different way.

Now, my grandmother has a DNR (do not resuscitate) in place. Shes 86 years old, and we all know that her quality of living will be compromised if they were to resuscitate her if it were to come down to that point. Since Monday evening when we left the hospital she is been asleep. I personally call this a coma, but the doctors have told us that this is not the case, because a coma implies that there are no brain waves going to the brain. Now technically they havent done the test to say if this is the case or not, but they have told us it would do no good for her if the test were in fact done. They decided yesterday that the antibiotics were not in fact making her better. So they let her finish out her last dose of meds, and last bag of saline, and now she is just on oxygen. They say the oxygen will keep her peaceful and calm.

The four of us (my father, mother, sister, and I) all spent a few hours with her last night in the hospital. We talked about what would happen next. My father and I both believe wholeheartedly that if the only thing that she has attached to her is the oxygen, then why cant hospice take her back to her home and let her go peacefully in her home, opposed to the hospital. That is what she would want. The nurses informed us that it would probably be okay, but we would have to wait and talk to the doctor and hospice in the morning. So, my mother is there with her now. They say she will be able to go back to her home within the next few hours. I hope she proves us all wrong again, but I hope she also knows that it is ok to go. That my grandfather is waiting for her up there. That she has lived a wonderful life, has made such an impact on all of our lives, and that the memories we have with her will be cherished every day. When I left her last night, I told her very quietly, "Peace be to you, fear not." Genesis 43:23

10 Day You Challenge ~*Day 10*~

Can you believe it? I actually finished a challenge, yay!


~*Day 10: one picture of yourself*~

(not the best picture Ive ever taken, but its me, comfortable. working at my weekend job)


10 Day You Challenge ~*Day 9*~


~*Day 9: two songs*~

1. When I Said I Do, Clint Black (Our Wedding Song)

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole


10 Day You Challenge ~*Day 8*~


~*Day 8: three films*~

1.The Patriot
The Patriot (Special Edition)
2. Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman (10th Anniversary Edition)
3. Super Troopers
Super Troopers

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