matthews birth story part 1

Ive been meaning to write this for a while now. I dont want to forget any details of the day my precious lil boy was born. And since there are so many bloggers who have had babies recently, its made me really want to share my story. Its actually a pretty simple story, but nonetheless still very meaningful to me.

It started out on Sunday June 3, 2012. I woke up around 7:00am, which was actually quite early for me (ha, wish I could say that now). I had felt a couple of cramps, which I first alluded to a stomach ache, but later realized it was the beginning signs of labor. They werent really consistent and I didnt want to wake Matt up for a lil stomache. So I tried to go back to sleep.

After about 1-2 hours of tossing and turning, with so-called cramps about every 15mins that were starting to get a little bit more painful, I decided to wake Matt up. I wasnt sure how to explain it to him, and he really was kind of clueless when it came to this kind of thing. He kept asking, "well what do you want me to do?" In which case I would reply, "I dont know."

Well, if you dont know my husband, hes all about the "quick fix" with everything. If there is a problem, tell him how to fix it, and he will. But if not he gets kind of frustrated. So, since he didnt know exactly what to do, he called who he thought would be the best person in this situation, my sister. Who at that moment in time was at BJ's shopping. She told hubs to calm down and as soon as she was done she would head over to our house.

I continued to have these slightly uncomfortable cramps about ever 10-15mins. I would stop at the end of our bed and grasped tightly to the footboard. And then just like that, it would be gone. My sister showed up fairly quickly and basically took one look at me and quickly stated "Its starting!" I'll admit. I wasnt quite sure what to think. Id been wanted this baby out of me for a few days now. But the thought that today would be the day? I dont know. It kind of freaked me out a bit. Plus, I still wasnt sure if this was actually it. You hear people all the time having false alarms. And I hadnt really experienced any braxton hicks, so thats what this might be.

My sister reassured me it was ok, and that why dont we just relax a little. She actually suggested that we go down to my parents (only 2 blocks away) and just go hang out in the pool and bounce. Funny she says bounce, because that is exactly what we did back when I was in 8th grade the entire day before my nephew was born. I figured, heck, it worked for her, maybe it would work for me to. So I slipped on some clothes, still not completely sure I was indeed going in the pool, and we all headed down to my parents.

My mom wasnt home from work yet, but called and asked if we needed her to pick anything up for us on her way home. Im not sure whos idea it was, but when she showed up with fresh fruit popsicles, i swear it was like I had died and gone to heaven. Little did I know it would be the last thing I had to eat for the next 12+ hours.

I was getting extremely uncomfortable at this point. And couldnt talk through the "cramps." Instead I would just stop and basically hold my breath. You know, the one thing your NOT supposed to do. Thats why they always tell you to breathe. To help ease the pain through the contractions. My sis and hubs at this point had agreed it would be best for me to get in the pool and just "relax." I managed to get in my bathing suit and into the pool. Just hanging on to a raft that was floating in the water.

Now, I could be wrong, but if the rest of you are like me, the very last thing you want is to have visiters when you feel like a giant whale. Literally,  I mean come on, I was in my maternity bathing suit, no makeup, not able to control the pain, and just floating around in the water. And what happens? Hubs thinks its ok to have his sister and cousin stop by. And not like just stop by to drop something off and leave. But like stop by, chill with their feet in the pool, all while drinking some cool beverages, and basically staring at me going through contractions in the pool. Im sorry but to me, this is kind of a private time. I didnt mind my mom and sis, because Im extremely close to them. But with his sister and cousin there, I was extremely self conscious and waaay uncomfortable. I even made my sis bring out one of my dads shirts for me to wear to cover up while in the pool. And for gods sakes, STOP STARING AT ME! lol

Now, all the while, I was screaming that to myself (in my head), i actualy appeared quite calm to every else. The pool itself was a great idea. It made me feel buoyant. And the water was keeping me cool. Hubs was keeping count of the contractions. Telling me when he thought the next would come. They were now about 4 mins apart. Technically that was close enough to go to the hospital. But i chose to stay in the water a little longer. Knowing if I went now, they might send me home. Or I might be limited to those four walls they call a birthing suite.

It only took a few more contractions to convince me it was time to go. They helped me out of the pool, reality hit right then and there that I was indeed NOT buoyant. lol. I waddled my way to the restroom to change back into clothes and try to put some makeup on. Between hubs, my mom and sis, they were all laughing at me about wanting to put makeup on. Like they literally wouldnt let me. And kept telling me I didnt need it. Somehow they pushed me out of the house without even so much of mascara (my staple) and out the door I went. (man do i wish I had been able to put that makeup lol)

We got into hubs truck, just the two of us. My sis following behind in her own car. This was it. This was the last time it would be just the two of us. Last time we were just husband and wife. Next time we would be in this truck we would be mommy and daddy too.

The car ride there was actually not too bad. It almost felt like the contractions had slowed down. I was doubting our decision to to go to the hospital. But I figured we might as well see what the progress is. I had been dilated 1cm for almost 3 weeks, but I knew that didn't necessarily mean anything.

We pulled into the parking lot and found a somewhat decent spot. I remember walking in and thinking this is it. We weren't sure if we needed to check in at the front reception desk or just go straight to the third floor, the maternity unit. As soon as the lady at the front saw me stop in mid stride, she simply said "go on up." so that is what we did.

Thankfully, I had already preregistered with the hospital, so it didnt take long to get me into the triage area. Unfortunately, they wouldnt let my sister come in with us during this time, and also refused to let her stand in the hallway, so she was banished to the waiting area. I remember sitting on the bed, not knowing exactly what was going to happen. Even though they had went over all of this in our hospital tour.

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