jersey shore [part 2]

As I mentioned in this post, a couple weeks ago my family and I all gathered at the Jersey Shore for my grandmothers memorial. After the luncheon we all went back to my aunts house. Some of us (ahem my father) decided to take a nap, while a few of us decided to explore the little beach community.
It was great just to be able to relax and not have to worry about anything. My niece and nephew were loving the freedom of playing in the backyard. All the while the adults hung out on the back patio. My aunt has a beautiful hydrangea plant and her own little fresh vegetable garden. We actually made our salad from her romaine plants.
how come we cant grow grass or plants like this in SoFL? (maybe its just me lol)
fresh romaine lettuce, yum

i love this lil girl, my niece is so beautiful!
just kicking my feet up ;)
backyard bbq
boys all getting along, talking guns
they were listening intently to my hubs explaining how to go alligator hunting
the kids got a ball stuck in the tree, then a helmet, and then the big kids (aka BIL, dad, and Hubs) used a big ball to get the other things out of the tree
 And Ill leave you with a lil self portrait, because I know you all love to see my beautiful face! muah! (jk)


THE kitchen

yes, that is  THE in all caps. Because if you dont know me personally Ill let you know that there is a long history with our kitchen (you can read a long drawn out story about it here). I wont get into all the boring details now, Ill just join in with the Lindsey from the Bargain Blonde and her home tour series to show you what im currently working with in my kitchen.
Now, when we bought the home the kitchen was something we knew we would eventually have to renovate. The cabinets are old (some dont even have doors) there was no refrigerator (i ended up getting an awesome deal on Black Friday on my dream refrig!), and of course the hubs being an ex-tile apprentice wanted to put granite and such in our kitchen. We also put it on our list as a top priority before we officially started trying for a baby.
This was the best pic I could get of the whole kitchen. Its very small, and as i mentioned before there originally was no refrig and Ill admit I didnt really measure anything when I bought the new one. So since I was away on my honeymoon when the new one got delivered my mom and the delivery guy had to figure out where to put the ginormous new one. Ending result? Only place to put it was in the middle of the room.
Since were constantly changing our minds on the design of the new kitchen, my father thought it would be a good idea to use blue painters tape to tape out where everything woulkd go on the floor. So not only do I have terrazzo flooring but I also have blue tape as decoration (FML). Oh and yes, my husband refuses to let me take the plastic wrapping off the refrig, god forbid it get any scratches or nicks on it before we have the new kitchen. I was actually ok with this when I thought the kitchen would be done in January, ITS.BEEN.7.MONTHS!

Moving on....

I realized while taking this pics, that if one of you were to come into my home and actually observe my kitchen, you would think i was a drunk alcoholic fine spirits connoisseur.
and really, i promise we dont drink that much .........

anywho. the next thing you would probably question is all the unopened boxes of kitchen appliances, silverware, plates, etc in the top shelves.
This is another one of hubbys "great" ideas. Like the refrig, he refuses to let us open and use all the wonderful kitchen utensils we got as gifts from my bridal shower. (Literally hubs freaked out when he realized i took the toaster out of the box to put in the bottom cabinet, because it wouldnt fit while inside the box. I had to promise to not "use" it) Now hear this one, the timeline is even further back than the plastic wrap. My shower was last September. That means everything has been in boxes for a good 9 months. :( maybe one day Ill get to use them. But thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts, they all get used alot, work great, are way better than our old ones, collect dust.

Some other random pics of the kitchen. You may see party invitations, thank you notes, arts & crafts made by my neice and nephew, pics, halloween decorations, pantry items, martini glasses, panini press, weight watcher snacks, etc, etc, etc... 
Now on to the fun stuff. Im not going to give away all my inspiration for our new kitchen (because that will be an entire post in itself), but I will leave you with this, 3 possible options we were given from the cabinet guy.

Guess youll have to keep coming back to find out which we ended up choosing.
Wanna share your kitchen? Id love to see different ideas to get inspiration from! Link up with Lindseys Home Tour Series!


its a shore thing... [part 1]

So we spent this past weekend on the Jersey Shore where my parents grew up. And no its nothing like the show Jersey Shore although a few of the places that appear on the show are places that we frequent. Unfortunately this trip wasnt for pleasure, but instead was for my paternal grandmother, Gamma's memorial. Since most of my fathers family no longer lives there, we actually stayed with my Aunt Syd (my mothers sister) in her beach house in a town called Spring Lake.
thats my mom standing in front of my aunts house
The house is currently undergoing some major renvoations, but somehow we managed to fit everyone in their own room, except for my cousin who rode the train in Saturday, who ended up sleeping at her boyfriend's aunts house with two other friends in Point Pleasant Beach. This is who all stayed with us:
  1. Aunt Syd and her boyfriend Tom
  2. Mom and Dad
  3. My Sister Denise, her husband Mark, and their kids Andrew & Jenna
  4. Me and Matt
My parents are extremely afraid of flying, and for as long as I can remember they have always driven from Florida to New Jersey. This time was no exception. When I was younger I used to love the road trip and then spending a week at the Oak Tree Lodge (my familys owned and operated 22acre picnic facility). However, since Ive gotten older, its been a little bit more difficult asking for that much time off. So my parents, sister and the kids drove up a week prior and were staying in the house. My aunt was actually in Orlando the entire week, so it worked out perfect. Me and the hubs on the other hand flew in Friday night. Both our plane and my aunts (coming in that night as well) were delayed for a good 2 hours and the airport is an hour away from her house. So by time we actually landed (11:45pm) and drove back to the house, it was already 1:00am. Needless to say, we didnt see anyone until the next morning.

Saturday morning was the memorial and luncheon. My dads sister (Laura) and brother (Kenny) drove up as well. There was a bunch of family I hadnt seen in a long time. And I always say this, but I hate that it is under these circumstances that is the only time we all get together. But I was just thankful to see my family
My dad and his siblings in front of their parents headstones
from left to right: Uncle Kenny, Aunt Laura, Dad
As soon as we got to the cemetry, my Aunt Laura asked if I would be willing to read a poem after she spoke about Gamma. I of course did, and I wanted to share it with you all, because it truly hits hard, it was also printed on the card at Matts Uncles funeral that we had last month...
My 4yr old neice Jenna, didnt quite understand the whole death thing. When we first got there she asked me why it was called a cemetery? I didnt want to get too in detail and freak the lil one out, so I explained to her that this was where Gamma, Pop-Pop, Emma, and Dutchie all came to go to heaven. I told her that she could come here to talk to them and although they might not talk back to her, they are most definitely listening. She shook her head as if she approved of my explanation and then proceeded to ask me where the playground was (gotta love kids and their sweet innocence).  To entertain her for the few minutes while everyone consoled each other, we decided to do funny faces with each other on my cell phone
I also snapped a few other pics of the family that morning
Denise & Jenna
me and my mom
i think this is the only pic i got all weekend of me and the hubs
hubs showing Andrews the water by the docs
hubs playing with Jenna at the restaurant

I guess uncle matt tired her out, because she was passed out within 30mins

Andrew (note hes going for the surfer look and refuses to cut his hair)
dad being silly

my handsome hubby <3 him
I think thats enough pics for now, Ill do another post tomorrow showing some more pics and sharing a little about the rest of our time up there.


my control station

Of course, Im way late with the post, but what else is new? Every Monday is supposed to be a link up with the sweetest barganista Lindsey and her home tour series. I know Im a whole week late, but better late than never right? And that just means my take on the series will last one week longer.

So you might be wondering by the title of the post which room were exploring today.  Last weeks room was either a spare bedroom or an office. And since I work from home, I figure what better to do than share my office, or as my friends call it "My Control Station." See, out of all my friends Im probably the most tech savy of the group, and a definite die hard apple advocate.
A little background on my job, I worked for a company right after getting out of college with the office literally 5 mins from my house. I worked there about a year and then the company was bought out by another company based in Boston. Unfortunately they dont have a office in Fl so we were all told to either move to one of their US locations or we would be out of a job. And well, you know us southern girls, we like to stay in the south, so I told them sorry, but "PEACE." I had till March to find a new job, so basically 7 months. Then the company realized, they had no one else to do my job, and really, there was no reason  I couldnt work from home. So 2 weeks before I got married, 1 week before we closed on our new house, they came to me and offered me a full time work form home position. SCORE!!! Conveniently, the office was closing the next month, and there were a few things in the office that our old owner had left and the new company couldnt claim, so our CEO called me and asked me if I wanted any. And this my friends is my Control Station.
Yes, you do see 2 computers. one personal and one work. The gigantic screen is what I inherited from the owner of the original company. Its mine free and clear. I additionally have a 3rd large screen in my spare bedroom thats not hooked up, that is supposed to be my "work screen" from the new company. But as I said, Im a Apple advocate, and the third screen is a dell (i know pathetic). The french doors we just put in less than a month ago. I love them!!!! They are sooo much better than the sliding glass doors that were inoperable, of course that is until the day we took them out and figured how to actually open them.
This view is looking the opposite way. The shelf I also inherited from the office. the door on the left opens to the backyard and the door on the right opens into the carport (eventually a hallway to a master suite). Of course Im showing some proud alumni swag with my FAU flag. The painting to the left of the shelf is actually a painting I need in college for my Painting 1 class. Its theme wa "Inside Looking Out" and shows the back patio and pool at my parents looking out their dining room window. Im so glad I chose that view. I cant count the number of times the backyard has been changed out there and love that I captured at least one of them.
I have another set of painting hanging on the opposite wall. Starting from the top, is a watercolor and ink painting that my Pop-Pop made before he past away. I actually never realized it until after he was already gone, that the boat in the painting is named after me, written small in ink it says "Lisa C." I had to have it and I have hung it in every place I have ever lived. The middle painting is a revisiting of a famous sisters painting (i completely forget by who as Im writing this). The third is a painting showing vantage point in a garden area at the college campus. The bottom 2 were painted in the painting class as well.

So that my friends is my "Control Station." I dont really have inspiration board for this room yet. Eventually when we close in the carport for an extra bedroom, this room will go back to what it is supposed to be: a dining room. Sorry again it was so late. Next week (or maybe if i get a chance this week) be prepared to see my Kitchen!

Want to catch up on my other rooms? (i know your dieing to! lol)


wee bit wednesdays: why not?

So I feel like Im in a little bit of a slump with blogging. I have so many posts to catch up on (see here), but dont really have the time for creating them all any day today. SoI decided to make myself feel better and Im going to join a few fellow bloggers this Wednesday afternoon and participate in Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?
ive been a maid of honor twice (my sis and my college bff's weddings)

{two} what’s the last thing your do before you fall asleep at night?
honestly? pop a melatonin (helps me sleep and isnt adictive) and my birth control pill (not for much longer :D)

{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?
 I would take a trip all around Europe.

{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?
I love going four wheeling in the everglades, too bad we dont own a four wheeler (yet) and four wheelers are banned in the everyglades for i think 3 more years

{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?
I wanted to be a fashion designer and live in NY, I realized as I got older, it would prob be a slim chance i actually made money as a fashion designer, so i switched to graphic design, which I am, and I love!

{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?
A nice kitchen, a pool, and 3 bedroom with 2nd bath (we have a fixer-upper)

{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?
chicken & veggie szechuan with yellow rice

{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?
we probably arent home, if we were at home probably hanging out on our back patio with a couple of friends

{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?
Our water is billed with our garbage, recycling, etc ,and normaly comes out to around $90 every month

{ten} what do you do to relax?
Shop. Shop. oh yeah and Shop
(but when that becomes too expensive I normally read a book)


the salon (aka living room)

Its that time again (although I guess technically it was that time yesterday, but you know me, i procrastinate) Linking up for the Home Tour Series with the oh so wonderful Miss Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde (and Raven from A Momma's Desires & Pacifiers of course!) .
(Did you miss any previous posts: my boudoir and my stinky old bathroom?)


I wouldnt say my living room has any kind of theme or organization (unfortunately). Hubs and I decided to not decorate it too much because for 1) our living room is also our dinning room right now and 2) when we redo the kitchen its going to make the entire living room look like a construction site. So here goes nothing . . .

As you can see, everything is a bit cramped right now. Eventually the dining room table we go into my office the dinning room once we enclose the carport as a an office 3rd bedroom. The couch is my sisters old one. It has 2 recliners and is a pull out bed. We never use it, but its nice to have if we need it. Both dog crates are in the living room, since we have no where else to put them. :( The bookshelf and mirror are actually going to be torn out to extend the kitchen by 1.5ft with a bar top. But currently it holds everything from paint and paintbrushes to picture frames and my flower girl basket.
Lets take a look at the shelf as a whole:
We could actually even play the "I Spy Game"! Lets see how many you can find :)
  1. I spy 2 wine glasses still in their boxes (got from bridal shower, they are the same but from 2 different friends)
  2. I spy a ring bearer pillow (yep from our wedding, what are we supposed to do with it now?)
  3. I spy an unopened set of pots and pans (another bridal shower gift Im not allowed to use yet)
  4. I spy 2 deer (hubs stuff, no explanation)
  5. I spy a half used bag of thinset mortar (b/c dont all of you keep this stored in your living room?)
  6. I spy a friends picture frame (me and one of my besties at my bachelorette party, cowgirl style!)
  7. I spy a basket (random storage)
  8. I spy scategories (one of my all time fav board games!!!)
  9. I spy a giant fishing lure (xmas gift to the hubs from my sis, it should hang on the wall eventually) 
The list could go on, but Ill leave it to just that. Here are a couple closeups for you.
1. Hubs and I when I was still in high school, we took a roadtrip to NJ in my dads truck with my parents to see my family up north
2. Our wedding invite (that I designed) and us cutting our cake (it was DELISH!)
3. Beagle stuffed animal my niece gave us as a gift
4. Beagle figurine my nephew got us as a gift
5. Hubs and I on my birthday in Cozumel, MX at 1/2 Senor Frogs the day after he proposed
6. Wedding photo
7. Grandparents on my fathers side wedding photo

1. Painting project from college
2. Lanterns (when you live in a place that has hurricanes you stock up on these)
3. Pic from Valentines Day
4. 1/2 empty paint buckets
5. Fishing Lure
6. Bridal shower gifts (candles, wine glasses)
7. Board games (Scrabble, Rummikub, scategories, oh and PS2)
8. Pic from my bachlorette party
9. Flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow
10. All hubs random hunting and fishing figurines (the bass fish mount is actually the first bass fish he ever caught, his dad was a taxidermist and mounted it for him when he was young)
Our end coffee table, some reads for you: Saltwater Fishing, Kitchen & Bath, and of course the latest VS catalog (i spend way too much money there)
Our DVD collection (age appropriate, although there may be a few inappropriate in the armoir, sorry mom) includes titles like:
  • Swat
  • Bruce Almighty
  • Friends Seasons (yes im an addict of the TV show Friends)
  • Waiting (hilarious, if anyone is in the restaurant biz you gotta rent this)
  • Blow
  • Super Troopers
  • You, Me, and Dupree
  • Fight Club
  • The Patriot
  • Catch me if You Can
  • Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers (i should prob go buy the 3rd)
  • and plenty more
Since we had decided to not decorate this room and focus on the other rooms in the house, I havent really figured out what I want this room to be like. Here are a couple things Ive seen that I  liked for inspiration (i know theyre all over the place, but common theme = no light colored couches, dogs would destroy them)
If any of you have small living rooms and wanna link up to share some ideas with me go here and join the rest of us. Next weeks room is Guest Room/Office, crap I better go clean up my office :(

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