fridays letters

dear hubby, thank you so much for insisting we go away for the weekend last weekend. We really did need it. Even if it was just to Okeechobee. It was nice not to have internet kinda, and it was nice to take matthew on his first ever airboat ride and  4wheeler. As well as just plain old relax with a few friends by the fire with a couple of beers. Lets do it again sometime :)

dear matthew, i feel so bad when your sick. Last week we took you to your 9 month checkup (i know i cant believe it either) and you got a vaccine shot. So when you started to run a fever before I left for NYC I just assumed it was from that. Apparently not, because you gave daddy one hell of a night. To the point I took you back to the dr on Friday when I was home. Turns out you caught some kind of virus, i think it was a mild case of Roseola, because over the weekend you had a rash. And now, your lil nose is all stuffed, and it makes my heart just ache hearing you breathe at night. I hope you get better soon. And I promise to give extra snuggles until you do.

dear pediatrician front desk ladies, why do you have to be so unpleasant, ALL.THE.TIME? I understand that you deal with sick kids, busy doctors, and some crazy parents, but this is your job. And as I stated before, you are unpleasant, ALL.THE.TIME, no matter if im calling for an appt, prescriptions, insurance, or just to let you know Im running late. Suck it up, buttercup, or get a new job. <end rant>

dear rob thomas, thank you for putting on such an awesome show wednesday night. Matchbox20 was my first concert ever back in middle school, and the show you put on brought me right back to that first concert experience. oh and ps, youve gotten even hotter with age!

dear google, now why did you have to go and decide to shut down google reader? this makes me very upset, because I dont want to loose any of the wonderful blogs I read, nor do I want to loose any of the wonderful followers that read mine. guess this just means Ill have to start using bloglovin more. If you havent done so yet, dont forget to follow me on bloglovin

dear weight watchers, thank you so much for teaching me that im not on a diet and that Im really just changing my lifestyle. I got rid of 1.2lbs over the past 2 weeks, and although thats not alot, it definitely wasnt the 3-5lb gain i was expecting when I stood on that scale last night.

dear etiquette angels, what exactly is the etiquette on engagement parties? do you bring a gift? Is it supposed to be something off a registry? Money? Or just our presence? Ive never actually been to an engagement party, but one of hubs childhood friends is having one tomorrow and I wasnt sure what the etiquette was. I was always under the assumption that engagement parties you dont bring a gift, bridal showers you get something off the registry, and wedding you give money. But hubs told me to go out and buy something for them. Whats the typical price range for a gift like this? I know if I had an engagement party (which I wouldnt but hypothetically speaking) I wouldnt expect anyone to bring us gifts. I thought the whole point was to come celebrate the engagement, have a few drinks, and party with the honorees. someone please help me?!?!?

dear hubby, because you and matthew always get two, i cant wait to see the video from your companys version of the harlem shake. I cant believe youre actually going to wear the pooh bear costume. (yes you heard me, full on round belly, Winnie the pooh costume). Your welcome for giving you the idea, after my company did it, well and everyone else on youtube ;)
(if you havent heard of this, just google it, I cant get over the miami heats version, absolutely hilarious!)

dear matthew, youre talking so much these days. i know they arent comprehendable words, but the noises you make crack daddy and I up. You babble any chance you get. I guess you get that from your mommy (that and your chunky thighs, sorry). But I cant wait until we can start understanding what your saying, I look forward to that and so many other milestones we should be coming up on in the next couple of months. man time is flying by. Your 9 months. That means only 3 more months till you turn ONE! I better start planning you party, now the question is Mickey? Lil Einsteins? Jake & the Neverland Pirates? so many themes to choose from.....

And because Ill never leave you without a pic, this was Matthews first time at our local park.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! 
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  1. Here from The Sweet Season Blog Link up! Love your blog! :)

  2. Hey! Stopping by from Friday letters! I am now following you via bloglovin'. I too am so not happy that Google Reader is retiring..It just doesn't make sense to me. The good news is that it is easy to import all of your blogs that you are reading. I hope you have a great weekend, and if you get the chance stop by and check out my blog.

  3. I would be so tempted to write an anonymous comment or something about the peds girls! That would be tough for me to handle. And the picture of you two at the park? So. PRECIOUS! Enjoy party planning!!

  4. It's always good to get away! Definitely a recharge.

    And yeah, what is with the front desk nurses?? I never understand it either.


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